Warrant of Fitness Wof in Auckland And Its Working

It is to be noted warrant of fitness WOF in Auckland is nothing but an official document from New Zealand certifying that a lighter motor vehicle has passed a compulsory periodic inspection of safety and roadworthiness. It is the job of yours in keeping the vehicle in superlative condition so that it passes the WOF inspection smoothly.

As for instance the tyre in the vehicle might pass on the day of your warrant inspection, you will need to replace them as soon as the tread gets to the minimum depth. If you are waiting until the very next inspection before replacing them the risk increases of your car getting prone to a crash or a fine might be incurred.

How often is warrant of fitness being required- The vehicles are first needed to get registered anywhere in the world on and after 1st January 2000 will need annual inspection for their lifetime.

For the latest vehicles after an initial inspections another WOF inspections will not be required until the 3rd anniversary of the first registration. The lengths of time of when WOF is issued for are being calculated on the vehicles date for the first registration in the country of New Zealand or overseas.

The vehicle which needs WOF certification- It is to be noted that maximum of the private vehicles is in need of this special certification. These include the ranks of cars along with trailers, motorbikes and miniature trucks. If the vehicle is for personal use and is less than 3,500KG and you intend to drive on the road, this is the type of assessment that you are in need off. At the same time if you are in need of a larger vehicle like a campervan or a horse truck and it is over 3500Kg you will in need of a certificate of Fitness COF.

A warrant of fitness generally covers the following:

Tyre condition

Brake operation

Structural condition- You need to check out that rusts does not elopes the car


Glazing- Check out if the windscreen is safe or not

Safety belts- The safety belts must not be damaged or overly faded. The buckles must work properly



The steering and suspension must be looked with details.

Exhaust- There should not be any such leak and the exhaust must not be smoky or louder than the original exhaust system.

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If some larger areas need fixing, the automotive technicians will explain exactly what needs to be repaired and write clear notes you can give your mechanic or garage so you can save on repairing bills. If you are not having a preferred technician you can surely be finding the contact details of the local technicians from the directories.